Arbitration and Mediation Laws

Overview about Arbitration and Mediation Laws

PSP LEGAL advises and represents clients anywhere in the world on the entire spectrum of domestic and international arbitration process, including early case assessment and definition of arbitration strategies, pre-dispute negotiations, selection of arbitrators, the filing and conduct of arbitration proceedings, advocacy at arbitration hearings, the discovery process, and the confirmation, challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards. Other legal services relating to international arbitration include the filing or defense of applications for interim measures before domestic courts, such as injunctions, attachments and orders to preserve evidence. Our law firm works closely with local counsel, witnesses, experts (such as forensic accountants, damages experts and industry experts), and other outside vendors such as e-discovery and litigation support services, on an as-needed basis. Our Law Firm has experience with other alternative disputes resolution methods such as mediation (often included in combination with arbitration in commercial contracts) and expert determinations; advises on the particular option best suited to a particular client’s business needs. Our law firm also advises clients on drafting, negotiating and/or reviewing domestic or international arbitration clauses or other dispute resolution clauses in a variety of international contracts and situations. We have experience with complex dispute resolution clauses, including multi-tiered arbitration or litigation clauses that combine mediation, arbitration clauses with specific carve-outs (for example, carving out specific items for expert procedures), as well as multiple arbitration and/or litigation clauses in groups of contracts situations and/or multi-party situations.

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